19 октября открылся научно-исследовательский центр Нативита

In anticipation of startup of main production lines, NatiVita opened its Research and Development Center that will accumulate the latest findings in production of medications against cancer. The company managers held an excursion around the enterprise and described the options offered by the R&D Center.

Its establishment and development is a key strategic component of the enterprise, as it is a hub accumulating:

  • research of the monoclonal antibody bio-activity for development of innovative bio-medications, in cooperation with BioCad, Generium, Nanolek companies, BioMed Research Center (Slovakia), the Cuban Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center
  • establishment of a small chemical synthesis lab and development of new medications in cooperation with Natco Pharma Limited
  • research of the permeability of active pharmaceutical substances for streamlining biotech product registration processes
  • medication manufacturing technology transfer in cooperation with Vitebsk State Medical University
  • comprehensive product quality control

Speaking to journalists, Mr. Mikhail Myasnikovich mentioned that NatiVita is a “powerful import-substituting enterprise” that has “great prospects”:

– They have technology and capital from four countries, they have integrated here the best from the investors. We hope that we shall both replicate things that we have borrowed from other countries and carry out our own research of new medications, primarily from the import substitution list. It will expand to include both chemical synthesis and biotechnology. The pharmaceutical industry in general is a great direction for the Belarusian economy: it has a low energy and material intensity and a high added value owing to the intellectual input.